Affiliate Marketing 101-5 – Benefits of Direct Linking

The simplest form of affiliate marketing is to drive traffic to your affiliate link, and every time someone buys through this link you get paid your affiliate commission. This form of affiliate marketing is also called “direct linking.”Being the simplest form of affiliate marketing makes it the first option for an affiliate as long as it works. Sometimes this option is not the best one and hence an affiliate marketer will consider building a buffer web page and drive the traffic to it.There are cases when you need to stick to the direct linking method, especially when you are just starting to test a market that had never been proven to be profitable. As long as the affiliate commission is high enough to cover the expenses of advertising, an affiliate can test a market by direct linking to different sales pages. This testing process can give you a lot of valuable data to use in further promotional activities in this “niche” if proven profitable. Even if your direct linking campaign is losing money, by gathering these data you can turn it into a profitable one.How to Benefit from Direct Linking in Affiliate Marketing:1. Through direct linking you can figure out the size of this market. The number of impressions and/or clicks that your ads get is a good indicator for how big this market is, especially if you are driving traffic from various sources.2. Testing two or more sales pages (or products) can also give you an idea of what this market requires in a sales page in order to take action.3. Testing different ad copies will also give you an idea of what words trigger more sales. This is extremely valuable when you build your own niche website.4. By tracking your results during the direct linking phase you know exactly what keywords trigger more sales. This is the most accurate keyword research tool ever.

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