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MLM Or Top Tier Direct Network Marketing – Part 3 of 4

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Looking to become an entrepreneur and interested in MLM or Top Tier Direct Network Marketing?

Not sure what the difference is? Not sure which one is right for you?

This is part 3 of a 4 part series on MLM or Top Tier Direct Network Marketing. If this is the first one you’ve read, I invite you to view the others as well to assist you in making your decision.

Large Crowd

Multilevel marketing appeals to a very large crowd as they usually have something we could all use and anyone can do it. We need skin care, vitamins, cleaning supplies and makeup, just to name a few. So when someone is approached about the opportunity, it is usually to buy the goods versus the opportunity in of itself.

This is because if you really focus on the return on investment (ROI) in MLM, it takes a lot of people, to sell a lot of goods, to make a lot of money. So instead, they focus on how you need to buy/sell items that everyone would be buying anyway, just convince them to buy it from you versus a drug or department store. Plus when they become a consultant, they receive a discount for their products.

Once this is achieved and they see how well their sponsor does financially, they may start building a down line which is the goal for every sponsor.

Exclusive Individuals

Top Tier is a more, I guess you could say, exclusive group of individuals. It requires an application process to get started, then if accepted you are looking at a much larger investment than MLM. The people that get involved with Top Tier are usually serious about starting a very lucrative business.

Once they get their business started, their focus in building their business is not so much on the product itself. It is more about the opportunity and the money that can be made. This is not because the product itself great, and with that said, every good opportunity has a product. It is about the great return on investment. If you are searching for a lucrative business, you have to focus heavily on the ROI. After all, we don’t work for our health right?

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MLM Or Top Tier Direct Network Marketing – Part 1 of 4

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Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur by getting involved with MLM or Top Tier Direct Network Marketing?

Why is that? Why do you want to get out of your traditional day job? Why do you want out of your brick & mortar business? Without a job? Why not just find another one?

Are you finally tired of the fact that you have little to no flexibility? Hate the feeling that something owns you instead of you owning it? With the recession, you just can’t find a job paying you even close to what your last paycheck was. There is just no light ahead for many that are choosing to stay in their situation. Not willing to explore other opportunities that are considered “outside of the box”.


But that’s exactly what they are, choices. We make choices every day, even if we don’t think so, we do. We choose to get out of bed, brush our teeth, eat breakfast and do whatever means to get us a paycheck.

Some have a rude awakening at one point of their life. They realize they are just spinning their wheels. Caught up in the rat race, that really isn’t going anywhere. They have other aspirations but just can’t get their hands around it. Desires to have more for their family and want more out of life. So when does it stop, if ever?

Time To Reflect?

The time to reflect usually happens during a devastating time in life. Whether you unexpectedly get laid off from your job, your company went under and now you’re bankrupt, or maybe you lost a loved one. All of these help people take a good look in the mirror and begin to realize the importance of a quality life.

So why is it that you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur with MLM or Top Tier? Do any of these scenarios apply to you? Or are you just one of those really smart, savvy business people who get simple economics?

Now that you understand some of the reasons, people have to make more choices, like how do I market. Learn the differences in how MLM and Top Tier Direct Network Marketing build their business in part 2.

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Postcard Marketing – 4 Fresh Tips For the Spring Season

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Postcard marketing should never be afterthought. When planning your yearly marketing campaigns, sending direct-mail promotional postcards should be an integral part of those strategies. Not just once or twice, but all year long.

Springtime is no exception.

Come spring, every year, people are looking for a fresh start in their lives. The weather is nicer. The days are longer. Consumers and businesses alike increase their spending. If you’re not getting your business in front of those people, you run the risk of losing them to competitors.

So, what’s the best way to plan your spring postcard marketing? Here are some quick tips.

Start early. Way early. Like, last year early. If you haven’t started yet for this year, start now. Plan a series of two or three different promotional postcards, get them designed and in the mail as soon as possible.

Factor in “spring.” Use the season to your advantage. In your postcards, offer “fresh savings,” “spring sales,” “deals just in time for spring,” and so on. It not only creates urgency, but helps reinforce the seasonal associations they’re already having.

Don’t forget a promotion. They don’t call them “promotional postcards” for nothing. Offer a new seasonal deal that your customers have never seen before and can’t resist.

Get creative. Think outside the box. Maybe your postcards can include scent! Maybe they can open up and have something pop out at your customers. Direct-mail postcards don’t have to go overboard to get the response you need. But by doing something original, you’re sure to grab attention and make your brand stand out.

Start planning for summer. If you’re behind on your postcard marketing planning, might as well get to work on your summer campaign as well. Starting now will give you more time to perfect the campaign and make tweaks based on the results of your spring campaign. While you’re at it, might as well start on your fall and winter postcard marketing as well. It’s never too early.

Spring might be a few weeks away still (it’s still snowing in many places), but don’t let that hold you back. Now is the time get a fresh start on the new season!

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Marketing Strategies and Tactics I

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- Marketing dominance strategies

In this category of strategies, you see the world and the market in terms of market share; you know your market share, classify yourself as a leader, challenger, follower or nicher. Then you plan your marketing strategy accordingly.

- Leader: you have market dominance, you need to stress that you are the dominant business in your market because you are the best.

- Challenger: you are the next big thing, you should point out that the industry leader has gotten too big to care about customers, that you will change how things are going in the industry. You should project an image of being the next edgy thing to hit the market.

- Follower: you should consolidate your position never directly challenging the leaders while making alliances in the market. You wait for your opportunity to be a challenger or a leader.

- Nicher: you concentrate on your niche, taking care not to venture out unless you are confident of your odds outside of your niche.

- Innovation strategies

Here it is all about who is on the cutting edge, who churns out the new products and technologies before anyone else. You are a pioneer, close follower or late follower.

- Pioneer: You concentrate on being the one with the newest, hottest products around. You promise your customers will get the new technology before anyone else does.

- Close follower: You wait for other to pioneer in different direction, and when they are on to something, you quickly adopt it, improve it and make it your own.

- Late follower: You adopt only the most stable of technology, you stress to your customers that your products will be stable, tried and tested, with no bugs or last minute recalls.

- Growth strategies

When operating under growth strategies, your focus should be on how to make your business grow. You use:

- Horizontal integration: You try to expand by acquiring or starting new business in the same field as your main business, this way you control a bigger market share, and sideline the competition.

- Vertical integration: You try to acquire or start businesses that supply your current business or sell its products. This way you can have a stable production and delivery structure.

- Diversification: You try to conquer new markets with new products, expending in unexpected direction where you predict that there are great profits there.

- Intensification: You add new features to your existing products. You release new versions of your products. Trying to consolidate then expand your market position.

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Cost Effective Small Business Marketing Strategies and Tips – Part Three

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In this Part 3 article on Small Business Marketing, I am going to explore Marketing Research and Target Marketing. Both are very important in marketing your small business, and the quality of the market research process will define your targeted marketing. See my previous article for information on Marketing Methods and Strategies.


Questions to Ask:

- Is a combination of goods and services a better, more competitive offering for the market than just a product or service?
- What is your advantage? Price? Superior Product or Service? Timing? Barriers to entry?
- What should you emphasize? Quality, Selection, Location, Service, Your Expert Status or the History of the business?
- Can you effectively compete?
- Define your Competition. What’s their Edge?
- Who are your best customers? Why?
* What are their Demographics? Psychographics?
* Why do they buy?
* What media do they interact with?
* What is their spouse doing for a living?
* What is their purchasing outlook for the next year?
- What are the best aspects of your business in the customer’s view?
* What improvements do customers want?
* Do they want more free interaction like a Newsletter, E-book, Articles, Forums, etc? Customers, whether current or prospective, offer the very best marketing info. Prepare a questionnaire for them! Put surveys on your website. These are excellent ways to fully define your “best” customer, and what makes them decide to buy.
- Gives invaluable information on your competition and how you stack up. Marketing Research Bonanza is the Wide World Web!
- Use multiple Search Engines.
- Use Chat Rooms and Forums. They can search as Focus Groups and provide invaluable Marketing Research. Determine your Marketing Appeals or your customers’ hot buttons.

At the conclusion of your initial Marketing Research, ask yourself:

- What customer needs, wants and niches translate into “x” amount of profitability?
- What improvements are needed for your biz?
- How can your competitors hinder your growth?
- How can you lose current customers?
- What measures need to be taken to ensure your Products and Services don’t become obsolete?
- What changing Trends affect your business?
- Who do you need to advise you about running your business? Spark new ideas?

Remember: The Quality and Source of your Marketing Information define the efficacy of your Research. You need High Quality and Reliable Information, and these two variables are the key to your future success.


Targeted Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, rather, it is the focused and personalized nature of inexpensive Targeted Marketing which make it worth considering. Some examples include:

- Email: Opt In
- Online Boards and Groups
- Free Offline & Online Ads
- Increase response rates with Toll Free Numbers
- Newsletters
- 900 Numbers
- Inexpensive Regional Magazine Editions: great credibility builder!
- Newspapers offer low-cost targeted geographic zones and neighborhoods.
- TV Ads are much cheaper and targeted now.
- Home Shopping Networks can be highly targeted and great to advertise around.
- Cell phone text messaging: Opt In only!
- Video Brochure: the paper brochure is a harder sell now days. Bring your Business, Products and Services alive with Video and/or Audio.
- Look at targeted media like airplanes, airports, taxis, buses, checkout counters, restrooms, banks, etc.
- Marketing messages on a Telephone “Hold” Session.
- Use low cost special effects to appear to have a bigger look on TV advertising.

Targeted Marketing Methods

Canvassing/Cold Calling: I am not a huge fan of Canvassing or Cold Calling but it can be effective/required in the early stages of your business, especially when money is tight. You can enhance your method by:

- Putting out flyers/mailings prior to initiating contact
- Go to Networking Events (i.e. Chamber of Commerce or a Professional Network Group) as a Guest of a member for free and make it count.
- Be direct; look people in the eye; and most importantly, offer value. Never hesitate to respectfully ask for the sale.
- Free Demonstration, a Sample or leaving a Product behind for free use can be very effective, if your product is highly effective and can sell itself.
- Try to quickly qualify the prospect and always ask for a Referral regardless if a sale was made.
- Look for ways to reference another mutual relationship to warm up a cold prospect
- Make the prospective customer feel important
- Educate your prospects; empower them and they will buy from you
- Identify your unique benefits and advantages, giving the prospect a great reason to buy
- Do your homework prior to contact and tailor your presentation for a particular prospect
- Mention your current customers, show testimonials and talk about your past successes.
- Show pride in your product/service offering
- Know the prospect will buy from you and always try to close at different points in your presentation
- If the sale isn’t consummated, ask why. Use the answers to tailor your presentation, rework your product/service offering or alter your pricing/credit structure
- The presentation should be brief and engage the prospect along the way.

If you follow the above pointers, Canvassing can be very effective and inexpensive. However, it demands a lot of time, discipline and consistency.

Biz Cards: Use both sides of your card, and it should sell something, offer something and point to your website for a special offer. It is a Sales Tool – use it as such!

Letters: Personalized letters are a thing of the past, but an art form which is worth using today. Why? Simple: no one else is and you will appear unique. The letter should solve a prospective customer’s problem or point to a website presentation that does. Use online or offline questionnaires to capture valuable information which you can use to sell the prospect – it sets up your sale. Some tips:

- Follow up the first letter with a second letter and then a phone call. All this should be done in 10 day’s time. Follow up letters and calls should offer new information.
- Always ask for the sale! Often, the third time is the charm.
- Include personal references, people you know in common and testimonials in your letters.
- Combine a letter with a Questionnaire, which asks a prospect to provide an Opt In Email address. Send all further communications via email for cost effectiveness and immediate yet convenient to the prospect contact. Remember, an email can be a Newsletter, Audio or Video Recording, a Power Point Presentation – the sky is the limit!
- Remember: Confidence, Quality, Selection and Price. Address all four in your contact; a sale is eminent, provided the prospect is qualified.
- Letters are an easy, cost-effective way to stay in contact with customers whether you make a sale or not.
- Personalize it: Address to a particular person, hand sign it and write a personal P.S. by hand. You can even follow a sales letter with a hand written note in a second mailing before or after a follow up phone call. This can be very effective!
- Your letters should not ask the prospect to respond. Rather, it will tell the prospect when you will call to set up an appointment and/or answer questions leading to a sale. Either way, on the phone call, Always ask for the sale.
- Stick with just a short letter. No other enclosures. You have a better chance to be read. You can always email (save postage) a brochure once you have retained the interest.
- If the prospect cannot wait for your follow up phone call, have a website address with an exclusive offer that points to a well crafted Sales Web Page (see my Online Marketing Article for more details).
- Sign your name in Blue color, along with the P.S. The Reader will read the P.S. first so put some thought into it.
- State your offering’s benefits to the specific prospect without really saying what it is. This will drive the prospect to check out your Sales web page.
- Include a short Customer Testimonial with the Customer’s contact info. Let your current Customers do the selling for you!
- The numbers: Mass Mailings are deemed successful with a 1-2% Response Rate. If a personal letter is done right, a 10-20% sales rate (not Response Rate!) can be achieved!
* If you do Mass Mailings, a Personal Letter as stage 2 to your responses can be highly effective as well!
- On your Online Sales Page always give the prospect the opportunity to Opt In their email address so you can automatically send them Newsletters, Articles, Special Offers, Bonafides and the such.
- How to get a sale? Simple: Eliminate all risks of doing business with you and make sure the prospect understands the benefits and value of your offering. Pair that with passion and straight forward ethics and you will close again and again. You will have to ask for the sale at a minimum of three times on average; so ask!
- Partner up with other ethically sound business people to pair your offering and make a truly unique offering and/or tap the partner’s customer base. An experienced partner can add a lot of credibility to your offering.
- Ask for Referrals from the beginning, whether or not the prospect buys from you. If they don’t, make sure you offer them an Opt In so you can continue to stay in front of them with Specials, Newsletter, Company News and Events, Articles and the such.
- If targeting businesses, ALWAYS send you letter to the President and then follow up with a phone call after you sent a hand written note two days later. Two things will happen, you have his/her attention, and your initial call will be routed to the right decision maker in the company.
- Remember, letters are all about psychology so keep the emotional sale in mind when preparing the letter.

Note: A lot of these methods and strategies described under “Letters” can be applied to many different marketing tools – use them!

Telemarketing: I am not a huge fan of cold calls (and this coming from someone who built initial sales and companies on cold calling). Now, a professional telephone campaign linked to a mailing of some sort (letter, brochure, marketing piece) can be quite effective. In-bound telemarketing can be profitable if done properly. The bottom line: 51% listen to telemarketers when called, so it can be a worthwhile strategy. Here are some keys toward running a successful telemarketing campaign:

- Research the prospect: know the important things about your prospect and how they relate to your business.
- Link your telemarketing with a personalized letter so your call is a follow up from an expected source, verses a pure cold call.
- I hate scripts. Your telemarketing should come naturally and lead to pre-planned destinations and decisions (i.e. more info, website link, a free analysis, newsletter or article, or a sale).
- Know your hot-button words, such as, “profitability, increase profits, lower costs and expenses, increase cash flow, money and time savings, competitive advantage and edge, market share” and so forth.
- Remember, an Objection is a faster way to a yes. Address an Objection adequately; you are one objection closer to the sale (typically 3 objection average per sale).
- Keep it simple: Contact, Warm Up, Present, Answer Questions/Address Objections and Close (try to close twice before your final close).
- Ask the prospect questions and clearly understand his or her issues/problems so you can provide a solution.
- When you close and ask for the sale, always state the benefits prior.
- A close doesn’t have to be a sale. It could be you ask for the sale and the prospect isn’t convinced. Do not destroy your sales opportunity by trying over and over for a final close. Rather, set up an Appointment and send follow up information and a Sales Webpage link. Stay in front of the prospect (I am assuming this is a well qualified prospect).
- Keep a Special Offer in your back pocket and only use it if you think the prospect is more motivated by price than your value added benefits.
- The hard numbers:
* 100 calls to close a sale
* 5 minutes average per call = @ 8 hours for a sale
* 5 sales = @ 40 hours of time
* The average call transaction when one business telemarkets to another is @ $550, which means telemarketing can be quite profitable
- You can certainly increase the before mentioned odds/percentages to the better by developing and implementing a warm-up campaign that involves a personal letter, other type of mailing, email, etc. Warming up the prospect really pays off for the follow on Telemarketing.

Fliers/Circulars/Brochures: Fliers and Circulars are a short, concentrated, single message, specialty piece while a brochure is more detailed and longer. I am not a big fan of any of these business promotion mediums, unless they are used in a well thought out, targeted system. Here are some tips to draw clarity on what I mean:

Fliers & Circulars:

- If you need to distribute a large volume, in conjunction (as a follow on) with a Mass Mailing, use Circulars.
- Gets Instant action if implemented correctly.
- Clear Offer
- Urgency
- Straight to the Point
- Instruct Prospect what to do Next
- Clearly Ties in to a Previously Established Identity
- Content is very important, as well as, Process.
* Factual/Explain
* Inform
* Sell
- Help a Prospect visualize your Content with a Picture
- Use Headlines & Bullet Points
* List the greatest benefits for the particular audience
- Test out your Brochure with a Circular/Flier for cost effective Test Marketing
- Use Action Words
- Learn Desktop publishing and produce your own materials at a fraction of the price. Get a Graphic Design Student intern to create your Artwork for a small fee.
- Color and Gloss are expensive. If you aren’t selling a luxury, premium product, consider colored ink and colored stock to bring your piece to life. However, if you self produce, I prefer Gloss and Colored Pictures – it is worth the added cost but mitigated when self produced.
- ROI: One Sale/one job should handily pay for your entire creation and distribution costs, otherwise, reconsider your campaign.

Brochures: More expensive, more detailed, larger pieces which instill confidence and credibility. Moreover, it provides a more finesse, elaborate sales process. As a mailing, I prefer a Circular. For customer location placement, I like a Flier. Brochures are great for in-house advertising; give to existing clients with a referral section; perfect to use online in combination with Website Marketing. I like all my referral sources to have a replenishable stack of brochures that contain a referral section. Also if you don’t make a sale, send a few brochures and ask the prospect to give out for a referral fee (and to stay in front of the prospect).

- The best use of brochures in my opinion is online and as a PDF product, as well as, a Video and/or Power Point product.
- Color is good. It increases your retention rate by over 50% and affects the buying attitude by 40%.
- A brochure that costs a $1 to produce can have 8 pages, so use them wisely. Tell a story, build credibility, make it personal and keep a professional, clean look.
- If you have products that change rapidly, consider using a pocket brochure for product update inserts. Great for price lists too!
- Customer testimonials are a must.
- Have the brochure point to specific web sales pages for more information.
- Call for Action in your brochure. Direct the prospect.
- A low cost way of producing a brochure is having a magazine, which you advertise in or publish in, produce the ads / story as a brochure for you.
- A great combination if money is a premium (it always is with a small business, isn’t it?) is to run small print ads in many publications which point to a FREE Brochure, which could be an Online Brochure. Give people a reason to request the FREE Brochure.
- You can personalize a Brochure Request by including a handwritten sticky note on it (this can be done digitally as well).
- Be sure to follow up with the Brochure Requester within five days.
- Brochures should only go to interested prospects. Circulars can be more mass market. Brochures should bring you a closing rate of about 30%.
- An Online Brochure can have links to Video, Power Point and Audio Presentations. These really increase your chances to make a sale.

Classified Ads: These types of ads can be low cost, cover a specific region or even neighborhood or take you national and international. For a targeted audience, concentrate on Magazines. An important stat: 60% of Americans read a magazine entirely but from back to front. So, your ad has a good chance of being read.

- Consider Classified Network for targeted, multimedia ads at a great price.
- Use a short Headline in all CAPS. Only use abbreviations people will understand.
- Personalize it
- Direct the reader to a Web Sales Page
- Consider putting your phone number
- Read the other ads in your advertising section and write an ad that contrasts
- A great way to sell a Book, offer a FREE E-book or Article
- Use Facts in the AD
- Create momentum and call the reader to Act
- Accentuate benefits
- Classified Ads are short and sweet but you need quality of message. Start with a bigger AD and cut it down to the lines you need for the small Ad. You need very tight copy. Study competitors Ads to spark ideas and angles.
- I am not a fan of online classifieds. I think they get lost on the websites which they are displayed. For this reason, I recommend Print. If you find a Classified Online Forum or Service or Directory you like, the downside is you have to resubmit the Ad daily to keep visibility.
- Offer something FREE!

Gift Certificates: This can be an overlooked area for many businesses. Promote your Gift Certificates on the Home Page of your website. Do not have an expiration date. Specialize for Holidays. Put a link in your email address highlighting your certificate offerings. It is a great way to Brand your name.

Signs: Signage can be quite expensive so pick a business location which requires minimum outdoor signage exposure. Indoor or Sidewalk Signage is much less expensive and can be quite effective. Be sure to keep your signs consistent with your logo, meme, advertising message and branding. Consistency in identity and image across the board in all the media types you are employing is paramount to converting a Prospect to a Customer.

- Keep the sign short, concise and use persuasive, action words. Have a visible, identifiable logo.
- Sidewalk signs should be designed to stop the pedestrian, for that person to pause. Then a sign and/or merchandise in the window has a chance of pulling that prospect in to your business. Better yet, put your best priced merchandise outside your door. It can cause an impulse buy and/or create an invitation to visit your business.
- Promote Cross Selling Opportunities

Use Brochures, Biz Cards, Gift Certificate and Coupon Displays with your signage. At the very least, a non-buying prospect can leave with something, if not a Gift Certificate. This creates great viral based, inexpensive advertising.

- Remember, Ads can become a sign – just blow it up!
- Use point of purchase signs to get the instant gratification sale.
- Check out your competition and see what they successfully use.

Free Bulletin Boards: Depends on your type of business. For instance, if you deliver pizza to a college, then Bulletin Boards can be your best advertising. Bulletin Boards are very time consuming as you need to check the board and refresh your offering at least twice per week. Hire a part time student to manage your Bulletin Boards so you can spend your time more wisely.

- Everywhere has a Bulletin Board. Try to choose those that are well maintained (so you remain visible) and have the right prospect traffic.
- You can use your Circulars to post on the Bulletin Boards. Always have precut strips or peel offs for prospects to take your information with them.

Yellow Pages: One question: Why? Print Yellow Pages are expensive, and in the Internet world, hold much less influence and utility. If you feel that you must advertise in the Yellow Pages, put tracking devices on the Ad so you can measure its effectiveness. Moreover, one Ad may not do it as people may search in more than one category to find you.

- Is the answer online Yellow Pages? No! Consider Google Local with Google Maps verses using the online Yellow Pages.
- The largest Ad wins in Print Advertising. So, instead of paying the extra bucks for one large Ad on a page put two smaller ones to prevent being overshadowed by a large ad
- Color pays. Spend the extra bucks for it.
- Offer something for FREE
- Make your AD personal – address that person looking at your Ad

Use the Power of Desktop Publishing: Learn to use graphic design software and design your own logo, brochures, circulars, ads, business cards for a fraction of the cost. Take a class on the software you will be using so you can create professional looking materials. Then you can always hire a pro to clean up your designs. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on your designs using a graphic designer – you can use a pro when you are successful and the cash flow is there.

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Contracts For Difference Market

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Interestingly, most CFDs do not trade on a Contracts for Difference market. The Australian Stock Exchange has created a market for CFDs but as at the end of 2008 the volume traded on the ASX CFD market represented only 1% of the total CFDs traded.

Traded Over The Counter

Most CFDs are traded as Over The Counter (OTC) Derivatives and are not traded on a Contracts for Difference Market. This means that a contract is opened directly with a broker and to close out the contract a transaction must be made with the same broker. Contracts opened with one broker cannot be closed through another broker or provider. Prices quoted by the broker normally mirror the underlying market, so a CFD will usually trade at the same prices as in the underlying market.

Hedges In The Underlying Market

While no formal Contracts for Difference market exists, other than the ASX CFD market, the broker may, or may not trade the underlying instrument on the underlying market to protect the position they have taken with the individual trader. This is known as hedging a position. If a trader was to buy 300 shares of BHP, the broker could simultaneously buy 300 shares of BHP on the ASX market. By doing this any gain or loss made by the trader on the position equals the gain or loss made by the broker. The broker is said to be fully hedged. With the Direct Market Access style of execution the broker is always fully hedged. Market makers can choose how and when they hedge and may hedge their overall position rather than each individual trade.

No Guarantees With CFDs

Because a contract opened with one provider must be closed with the same provider an important point for traders to consider when opening a Contract for Difference account is to consider the strength of the CFD broker. It is no good if you have made a lot of money on a CFD position and you can not close it out when you choose to. Most brokers are large companies that are publicly traded so information on their financial strength is readily available. However not all companies are public and finding out their financial strength may be more difficult.

Contracts for Difference Market

While there is no formal Contracts for Difference market other than the ASX market for a trader it makes very little difference to the way CFDs trade. The provider normally mirrors the underlying market and orders placed with them may be executed directly in the underlying market.

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Direct Sale Network Marketing Opportunities and the Plump Chicken

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In the 1950′s it was not uncommon to shop for live poultry; we were more of an agrarian society than we find ourselves now in the 21st century. Most towns and cities had at least one shop keeper where one could trade for such a commodity. All sorts of fowl were stored in wooden cages and stacked helter skelter throughout the shop. These shops were very easy to find, especially if you happened to be down wind.

The prospective buyers would carefully examine what they considered a prime candidate for their supper. Poking, prodding, lifting feathers, observing the thighs and wings and looking the bird in the eyes; possibly myopic birds were culled from the short list. After being ‘processed’ by the shop keeper, the happy customer would return home with a nicely butcher paper wrapped package.

So what is the correlation between direct sales network marketing opportunities and a chicken? Quite a bit. The Internet is rife with at home, on-line, MLM, network marketing and dozens of money making deals. So how does one pick and choose the right one?

The prospective entrepreneur must first be honest with him or her self. Realizing get-rich-quick schemes are just that, schemes. An initial investment of a few dollars to make millions is a long shot if not totally misleading. Several questions must be answered before one ventures forth:

1. Am I ready to run a real business?
2. What are my long term goals and objectives for starting this business?
3. How will it affect my life?and that of my family
4. Am I ready and capable of financing this venture?
5. How much start up capital will I require?
6. What will be my on-going expenses?
7. Does the product and or service make sense?
8. Who will I be working with?
9. What is their history and background?
10. Is there room for me in this business?
11. How long will it take for me to turn a profit?

These are just a few questions at-home entrepreneurs must ask, just like the lady who carefully examined and picked that prime bird. As the economy seems to remain stagnant, more and more people are looking for on-line business opportunities. How will you position yourself to take advantage of this exploding and exciting way of transacting business?

The title “direct sales network marketing and the plump chicken” may sound a bit odd but the moral is this, don’t allow yourselves to be plucked clean and then cooked. Be careful, ask questions, and listen to your point of contact. Are you being hard sold or are you simply being presented with the facts regarding the opportunity. No pressure from your contact equates the opportunity has a much better chance of being legitimate.

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Network Marketing – My Search For the Perfect Product to Market

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Over the last six to seven years I had begun to pick up that there were people out there making a living off the internet. This interested me with my IT background. Now in South Africa there weren’t too many people around that knew anything about this – a lot of our telephone exchanges didn’t even support DSL! So any web surfing had to be done with a 56K modem which seldom had a data transfer rate faster than 33K, very time consuming and very frustrating.

There was however, an entrepreneur by the name of Peter Carruthers, who also had an IT background. When I first met him he was holding seminars called “How to Crashproof Your Business!” which taught one how to protect yourself from the banks and creditors should your business fail! Peter knew a lot about this, having been down that road, and as they say, “got the T-shirt”. I also subscribed to his newsletter, it was in this newsletter that he talked about Corey Rudl who was probably one of the first internet marketing guru’s, and very successful at it to. Peter had applied what Corey taught to his own business and raved about how it had changed it for the better. I also bought Corey’s guide to Internet Marketing, at first it just sat in it’s box while I attempted other more practical things (or so I thought) to generate an income. I mean whenever you talked about making a living off the internet people looked at you as though you were living in cloud cuckoo land!

The important thing about doing business on the internet is that it is GLOBAL!

What Corey taught was that to make a living off the internet one had to find out what people were interested in and what they were searching for on the internet and cater to that market. One quickly discovered that people are interested in the following; golf, sex, weightloss, weightloss, weightloss, motivation, dating, dog behaviour problems, learn to play guitar, travel, make money online and making money from home! There are other subjects as well, but these seem to be the most popular.

And so I continued trying to make a living doing more practicle things whilst all the while wondering what I could focus on doing on the internet. Then one day I was handed a flyer at a intersection which said “if I wanted to start my own home based business to call this number”, this was one of those light-bulb moments for me. One of the topics that people were interested in on the internet was how to make money from home, maybe I could combine this with the internet – and so I called the number. And that was my introduction to network marketing aka multi-level marketing (MLM) aka referral marketing and recently I came across yet another term, social-level marketing. I have no doubt that there are many more terms referring to this type of marketing.

What is Network Marketing?……

Lets start with a definition. The DSA’s (Direct Selling Association) definition is, I quote, “Companies that manufacture and distribute goods or services through Direct Sellers also referred to as distributors, consultants, sales agents, independent contractors and by other various names, directly to consumers in a face to face manner away from a fixed retail location” end quote. AMWAY Copyright© 2009 introduced the concept some 60 plus years ago.

The goods distributed vary from household detergents through to nutrient supplements (very popular at the moment – everyone is into the “wellness industry”). Services cover legal aid/advice, also very popular is insurance; covering anything from funeral policies to cash back hospital plans.

My goal was to do this via the internet, and this meant I had to find a product that was global by nature – you can sell legal aid or a funeral policy that is dictated by the laws of one country in another, you can sell household detergents, vitamin supplements etc. in different countries but you now have a transport component (ie you have to get the product there) so my search began for the perfect product.

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What’s All This About Affiliate Marketing?

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“Cooperative” marketing is a broad term just indicating some sort of cooperative venture between two or more businesses. Whereas host-parasite marketing typically involves some sort of recommendation or formal connection between the two companies participating, affiliate marketing works a little differently.

Businesses sell other business’s products all the time in the brick-and-mortar world of business. Grocery stores market competing products, consignment markets sell products for individuals, auto repair businesses often broker auto sales. These are all variations on licensing other businesses to sell products for each other.

Affiliate marketing is one of the internet’s versions of a license to sell someone else’s product. What happens is that an independent business person (affiliate) markets products for a supplier. On a concrete level, the affiliate places advertisements directing the consumer to the supplier’s site (landing page). This allows the supplier to find multiple sales outlets and approaches at a fixed, risk-free cost. It is fixed because the “commission” is determined as a percentage of the price of the product, and it is “risk-free” because the commission is not paid unless a sale is made. So from the point of view of the supplier there can be substantial benefits. This can be offset somewhat by the lack of control of the marketing process, since it reduces the business’s ability to manage consumer expectations.

From the affiliate’s point of view the arrangement can also be advantageous. It allows an independent business to market and sell products without having to create or produce the product.

Sometimes affiliate programs get a bad “rap.” In my view an affiliate program is simply an alternate distribution method. Every product has marketing costs-the affiliate program simply calls the costs a “commission” which the producer pays to the affiliate. But nothing about the process should suggest that a consumer be any less careful in making his or her purchases. Likewise, an affiliate that wants to stick around must be aware that selling a product is an implied recommendation that is not to be made lightly.

Ken Gibert is a professional writer and business marketing consultant and operates Golden Sun Consulting. Specializes in writing–articles, copywriting, ghostwriting…any kind of writing–and marketing consulting.

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Value Driven Marketing For Magnetically Attracting Elite Leaders Into Your Home Based Franchise

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Value Driven Marketing – The Only Way to Attract Leaders into Your Home Based Franchise

There’s been an ongoing battle online from those trying to figure out exactly HOW TO market their home based franchise.

Constant spamming, in-your-face marketing, and unwanted solicitation has led industry giants to make drastic changes to their terms of operation, only to give those that truly understand value driven marketing a harder time to give their value to those seeking online.

As with any marketing campaign, we MUST understand the need of our target audience and provide them ONLY with value and not force them into investing into something without having full understanding.

Being a home based franchise entrepreneur has opened my eyes to the REAL wants of individuals. The facts that drive someone to purchase or acquire what YOU are promoting WITHOUT you having to force it upon them is what true Value Driven Marketing will provide for anyone.

Now let’s go through some simple techniques YOU can use to begin implementing value driven marketing into your portfolio.

What Will Define Your Value Driven Marketing

There are many ways for a business owner to apply value driven marketing to their marketing efforts, but only a few that actually give the results you will need to become successful.

Freely, I’d like to give you a specific strategy to use RIGHT NOW to begin implementing a marketing campaign that will allow you to become a valuable resource to your specific target audience within your home based franchise. Begin with:

1. Any content you create MUST have exceptional value – As you are choosing your steps towards creating unique content to attract your target audience, remember that ALL of your efforts should have exceptional value. The more value you offer FREELY, the more return on investment you will receive towards driving up your profit margin.

2. To increase your income, you MUST increase your personal value to the world – Being seen as an authority online is the ONLY way of achieving success in ANY business. An increase in income from your online marketing efforts is a direct result of your value to the business world.

How to Begin Applying Value Driven Marketing

There are four basic steps to increase your personal value BEFORE you begin to apply value driven marketing. These four basic steps are:

· Learn (scholastic) – Begin to increase your knowledge and begin to increase your value. It is well know that those that ARE successful have an enormous knowledge database (fancy word for library) by which they have acquired the skills necessary to be considered for leadership.

· Apply (experimental) – Begin to apply the knowledge you are acquiring and experiment with what specific skill has given you the greatest results. Then begin to master this specific skill in order to become a true asset in value driven marketing.

· Teach – Immediately apply what you have acquired by GIVING AWAY this knowledge freely to those seeking it. Be considerate to those looking for answers regarding your specific product or service and give as much information as possible. This will prove to your target audience your level of commitment to them and also their level of satisfaction.

· Rinse and Repeat – There’s really no explanation for this step. It’s all about repeating this very process over and over until you are seen by no less than an elite leader in your industry.

The information I just shared with you came directly from one of my business partners and top earning industry leaders who openly shared this information with not just me but several others in our recent home based franchise Master Marketing events.

To receive the highest level of value marketing training and to further increase your specific value to the online community, be sure to register for my e-mail updates regarding an opportunity to get not only my but also my personal coach’s training in becoming a 3% leader in the network marketing and direct sales industry.

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